Hitch-Ezy Tow Couplings

CONNECT WITH THE BEST Australian owned, designed and manufactured.

Unparalleled ease of use, 3.5 or 5-tonne rating, 100% Australian designed & made

Features Overview

  • Automatic double locking
  • Hands free coupling and uncoupling
  • Unlimited articulation
  • Australian Design Rule 62/02 compliant
  • V-value certification on 5 tonne model (mandatory for towing above 3.5 tonne and many competitors lack this requirement)
  • Fail safe stainless steel yoke pivot bolts
  • Vertical loads are transmitted at the ball-mount hole (not further back as occurs with some couplings)
Ease Of Use
  • Couple by the back-into/roll-on method (see video) or
  • Couple by traditional back-under/drop-down technique
  • Coupling has excellent self aligning on the tow-pillar's large head
  • Guaranteed smooth uncoupling at any angle between car and trailer
  • Guaranteed smooth uncoupling in the presence of residual forward, backward or sideways loads
  • Both hands are free to wind up the jockey wheel
  • Can be padlocked for security
  • Dummy pillar and aluminium tow-pillar cover supplied.
  • Mounting bolts supplied
  • Precision machined components
  • No welded parts
  • No cast parts
  • Forged yoke
  • Stainless steel handbrake
  • Painted parts are zinc-nickel plated before painting
  • Tow-pillar is hardened by Oxy Nitro Carburisation
  • Low profile may solve rear door and tailgate clearance issues
  • Compatible with weight distribution (torsion bar) systems
  • An Andersen hitch compatible tow-pillar is available
  • Standard positioning of front and rear mounting bolts (extra mid section bolts with 5 tonne model)
  • Can be mounted above or below the draw-bar


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