Some years ago Hitch-Ezy launched the impressive five-tonne-rated off-road hitch. As good as it was, it was overkill for anything but heavy caravans. Now, the company has released the 3.5-tonne version for use on most camper trailers and caravans. It's now a one-piece, anodised, aircraft-grade alloy body that is fitted with Acetal bushes that don't require lubrication. The tow pillar is a case-hardened oxy nitro-carburised unit, while all painted parts are zinc-nickel alloy; plus the handbrake and yoke bolts are 316 stainless steel.

The Hitch-Ezy is ADR compliant and can be utilised with level riders where needed, but these must be removed for off-road use. The system replaces the standard 50mm tow ball with a dedicated 55mm tow pillar that is dome-shaped to aid in self-centring of the hitch's main body as it is lowered via the jockey wheel.

The recessed (concave) section of the main post is where the three large cam-operated ball bearings auto double-lock onto the pillar. There's no manual locking required, as it all happens unadided when the hitch is lowered; plus, it will relock automatically should the hitch be raised and then lowered again. The tow pillar's flange incorporates a neoprene O-ring to seal against the ingress of water and dirt, both when the coupling is in use and when the supplied aluminium tow pillar cover is in place.

The system can be safely and easily hitched or unhitched regardless of the loads, twisting forces or angles of the caravan or camper trailer. The Hitch-Ezy will twist a full 360 degrees along its axis, and it will also articulate 90 degrees in both the up and down as well as left and right directions. The overall height of the htich is 135mm, which should clear most rear doors.

A major point that sets this hitch apart from many others is that the pivoting and load point of the Hitch-Ezy is exactly where the hole in your tongue is, not rearwards. This system doesn't put extra load via leverage or cantilevering onto the tow bar, which can add unnecessary stress.

The Hitch-Ezy covers all bases for ease-of-use, safety, off-road ability, functionality and outright precision of manufacture. It's currently only available via caravan manufacturers and retailers. If your're getting a van or camper trailer made or want to retrofit, ask your local mob to get it in for you.

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Easy use 3.5 and 5 tonne tow couplings

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